China Furniture & Building Material & Lighting Sourcing Agent with over 10 years experience



FBM Import & Export LTD has specialized in Building materials, Furniture, and Lighting purchase agency services since 2008, located in Guangzhou China. 

We are working with several property developers and hotel project management companies, we supply hotel furniture, office furniture, tile, kitchen, wardrobe sanitary ware, etc. to customers’ different projects, in the last year we’ve finished around 10 projects in North America, and Australia. 

We focus on building materials and furniture and help customers purchase tiles, flooring, sanitary, kitchen, wardrobe, door, window, ceiling, lighting, furniture, etc. Also, it helps old customers to purchase other products.

We export around 100 containers per year.

We can coordinate between foreign customers and the Chinese factory. Help with sourcing, market/factory guiding, quality checking, providing warehouse, arranging shipping, etc.

Welcome to contact us for any questions.

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Our charge

Option 1, Translation only, without purchase agency service, we charge 150USD per day, the customer pays for the transportation work meal, and stay. 

Option 2, Buying Agency service, we charge 5% commission of the total goods amount, provide 4 days free translation, and can also provide Mercedes car service with charge.

Option 3, We quote directly to the Customer, provide warranty service, and undertake all the responsibility, The customer can not contact the factory directly. 

How does it works?

1. Sourcing, Guide you to the market / fair / factory or we do sourcing for you.

2. Send you a Proforma Invoice including all product details.

3. You pay a 30-50% deposit through us.

4. We follow the production process, do Quality Control, and send you a detailed QC report. 

5. You pay the balance once the QC report is qualified.

6. We load the container and deliver the container from our warehouse to your country port. 

7. You get a local customs clearance company to deliver the container from your country port to your warehouse.  

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@fbmltd”